About Us

Spirit of the Herbs was created in 2013 from a fire burning within to connect with the moon, explore with the plants and spark the senses naturally with handmade wellness products. The Wise Women traditional folk-methods of extraction and infusion are the foundation of our herbal alchemies.

We let our herbs and oils sit for a lunar cycle (4 weeks) minimum. This allows the lipids, terpenes, volatile oils, essential oils and cannabinoids in the hemp plant and other medicinal herbs to extract to their fullest potential. This unique process of extended infusion time, alongside handcrafting with great intention as our ancestors once did, is the essence of our products. 

“The Wise Woman Tradition is the oldest tradition of healing known on our planet, yet one that is rarely identified, rarely written or talked about. A woman-centered tradition of self-love, respectful of the earth and all her creatures, the Wise Woman Tradition tells us that compassion, simple ritual and common herbs heal the whole person and maintain health/wholeness/holiness. The Wise Woman Tradition embraces the Earth, local plants, deep nourishment and self-love. Our relationship with our bodies shifts when we look through this Wise Woman lens. We go from perceiving ourselves as unclean and in need of purification, to recognizing the intrinsic perfection, interconnectedness, and wholeness of our body and our spirit.” ~ S. Weed, Healing Wise

Time and time again, we have seen Full Spectrum HIGH CBD products support family, friends and those around us in ways we couldn’t have imagined possible. Spirit of the Herbs recognizes the benefits of Cannabis, in all of its forms, as true medicine. By combining medicinal Herbs and CBD we will continue to find an endless world of nourishing and supportive remedies for the body.

We use organic, locally sourced materials and create items with positive energy and love. We work as a small team of friends in Denver, CO to handcraft small batches of each item with intention. These boutique CBD body products are made with the empowerment of the fellow human in mind, from our hearts to yours.


Meet Holly!

Holly Hoops (Holly Hill) is the owner and creator of Spirit of the Herbs. She was born and raised in Norfolk, Va and moved to Denver, Colorado in 2011. She began exploring her dance with the Herbs in 2013. A dear friend led her to her first herbal class at Moondance Botanicals, an apothecary in Denver. Holly immediately knew this realm of knowledge had been calling her soul and completely immersed herself into classes and workshops. There she completed Herbcraft and Spiral Path with herbalist, Tonja Reichley.

At this point Holly had managed a Medical Dispensary for two years, and witnessed the endless benefits of Cannabis and CBD within her patients she worked with. She began to take on creating medicinal products on a regular basis and discovered that she really loved making salves specifically, with herbs and CBD. She began sharing these salves with the community and before she knew it she couldn't keep them on the shelves! This is when Spirit of the Herbs Apothecary, LLC (est. 2013) came to life. In 2016 she decided to deepen her knowledge and attend the 500 Hour program with Herbalism Roots at Denver Integrative Massage School. There she gained a whole new perspective of plant and human synergy, and how we can work together to heal and support our bodies naturally.

In September 2017, she had the amazing opportunity to join Tonja for Pilgrimage in Ireland. She loved it so much she went back to Ireland for 2 more weeks in June 2018 for Herb School and went again the following July 2019. She experienced the plants she loves thriving in their natural habitats and connected with the SPIRIT of the herbs in a way she never knew was possible. She learned  it is not about using 100 herbs, one way, but learning how to use one herb, 100 ways.

Holly is now a certified 750+ Hr Community Herbalist and continues her education frequently. It is her life mission to empower those who seek a healthier lifestyle to find their support within the herbs, tinctures, salves, oils and teas and beyond. To encourage others to connect with plants and herbs on all levels spiritual, metaphysical and scientific. 

Holly went from making products in her house and selling salves out of the trunk of her car for 6 years to FINALLY having an actual warehouse and office space for Spirit of the Herbs. They moved in August 2019 and It is one of her greatest and most exciting accomplishments to date. She is married to her amazing husband, Willy and they live happily in Denver with their two cats, Nebula and GG. She just released her first herbal education book "The Enchanted Herbarium: A Coloring Book for Curious Plant Lovers" - get your copy on this website!

Meet Monika!

Originally from Norfolk, VA - Monika spent most of her childhood rolling in the waves on the shores of Virginia Beach and exploring a portion of the world with her family. Her summers were spent selling shave ice by the beach from the age of 7, which ironically instilled a marvelous work ethic within her that is unlike any other. Despite her dreams of becoming a veterinarian or an entomologist, Monika found herself enthralled with the joys and challenges of retail for 10 years. Having a keen eye for detail along with an impeccable knack for organizing, Monika quickly became successful in the retail stores that she managed. She has been married to the love of her life, Matt for 10 years, and together they have two strapping young men, Sydney and Felix.

In the summer of 2018, Monika came out to Colorado to help her best friend of 20 years, Holly, organize and fine-tune her quickly growing and very successful business - Spirit of the Herbs. After realizing the incredible team they made together along with seeing the potential growth that would occur, Monika and Holly had the most fantastic idea. In October 2018, Monika and her family packed up their home in Portsmouth, VA to relocate to Westminster, Colorado for her to become the Director of Operations for her best friend’s company! One of Monika’s favorite perks of working for Spirit of the Herbs? “Being a part of a mission that is helping others, help themselves and working side by side with my best friend [Holly] is also a pretty rad too!!” - Monika enthusiastically says. Monika's organizational skills, attention to detail and thriving ideas are unsurpassed. She is a key element to making our business thrive.

Monika and her family are very active and enjoy exploring all of the amazing adventures that Colorado has to offer! Another fun fact about Monika — she LOVES the 90’s – music, TV shows, clothing you name it! She also has a vast knowledge of movies, trivia, and entertainment. Show tunes and musicals are also her absolute favorites!

Meet Nate!

Nate is a native from Denver, Co! His favorite part about working for Spirit of the Herbs is being able to practice skills & herbology. “This is such an amazing opportunity for someone who is still in school to continue learning & working with herbs.” His favorite product is the High CBD Tincture, because “it is the best tasting and most powerful product I have encountered!.” Nate has epilepsy and replaces his daily medication with a full dosage of tincture. He has since drastically lowered his daily pill intake & no longer feels the foggy effects of his epilepsy medication.

His favorite herb is Nettle, it was one of the first plants he was ever introduced to and one he gets to work with daily. Fun Fact: Nate is a PRO at playing the most beautiful music on the piano.

Meet Sandra!

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Sandra moved to Alabama where she met her husband Allen, and together they moved to Denver in 2013. Sandra says “I enjoy working at Spirit of the Herbs because I love to use products I make with my own hands and then sharing them with others because I know how much they have helped me."
Her favorite product is the 1000mg Tincture, she uses it for her anxiety because it makes her feel completely calm, she uses it every day! She also uses the CBD salve to support her discomforts from her Fibromyalgia pain, which is typically very hard to treat. Her favorite herb, besides Cannabis, is Lavender for its smell & calming effect on her body.
She is married to Allen Aucoin, drummer of the band The Disco Biscuits, and has a precious 2-year old girl named Presley. FUN FACT: Sandra has 2 llamas and owns her own hemp farm!


Meet Temple!

Temple is from Richmond, Virginia; where she completed her Bachelor of Science in Health Science at James Madison University. She moved from Virginia to Colorado for the advanced opportunities in holistic health and found her family at SOTH! Temple says "finding a place where you can learn how herbs can improve modern life has been the dream!" 

She enjoys making CBD bath bombs. (And taking baths with them too!) Mixing the high quality ingredients from start to finish is therapeutic and each bath bomb is created with the utmost intention. Fun Fact : Temple loves the beach as much as the mountains! She enjoys laying by the water and hitting the slopes!