Our Story

Spirit of the Herbs was created from a fire burning within to be creative, connect with the moon, explore with the plants and spark the senses naturally with handmade body and wellness products. The Wise-Women traditional methods of extraction and infusion are the foundation of all our herbal alchemies. The proprietary process of infusing our herbs and oils traditionally is the essence of our products. It’s what sets us apart.

“The Wise Woman Tradition is the oldest tradition of healing known on our planet, yet one that is rarely identified, rarely written or talked about. A woman-centered tradition of self-love, respectful of the earth and all her creatures, the Wise Woman Tradition tells us that compassion, simple ritual and common herbs heal the whole person and maintain health/wholeness/holiness. The Wise Woman Tradition embraces the Earth, local plants, deep nourishment and self-love. Our relationship with our bodies shifts when we look through this Wise Woman lens. We go from perceiving ourselves as unclean and in need of purification, to recognizing the intrinsic perfection, interconnectedness, and wholeness of our body and our spirit.” ~ Susun Weed, Healing Wise

Time and time again, we have seen HIGH CBD products support family, friends and those around us in ways we couldn’t have imagined possible. Spirit of the Herbs knows the benefits of this incredible full spectrum CBD hemp medicine, and between herbal medicine and CBD we will continue to find an endless world of nourishing and supportive remedies for the body.

We use organic, locally sourced materials and create items with positive energy and love. We work as a small team of friends in Denver, CO to handcraft small batches of each item with intention. These boutique CBD body products are made with the empowerment of the fellow human in mind, from our hearts to yours.


Meet Holly!

Holly Hill is the owner and creator of Spirit of the Herbs. She began exploring her Dance with the Herbs in 2013. A dear friend led her to her very first herbal class at Moondance Botanicals, an apothecary in Denver. Holly immediately knew this realm of knowledge had been calling her soul and completely immersed herself into classes and workshops. There she completed Herbcraft and Spiral Path with who is now her beloved Herbal teacher and guide, Tonja Reichley.

At this point Holly had managed a Medical Dispensary for two years, and witnessed the endless benefits of Cannabis and CBD within her patients she worked with. She began to take on creating medicinal products on a regular basis and discovered that she really loved making salves specifically, with herbs and CBD. She began sharing these salves with the community and before she knew it she couldn't keep them on the shelves! This is when Spirit of the Herbs Apothecary, LLC (est. 2013) came to life. In 2016 she decided to deepen her knowledge and attend the 500 Hour program with Herbalism Roots at Denver Integrative Massage School. There she gained a whole new perspective of plant and human synergy, and how we can work together to heal and support our bodies naturally.

In September 2017, she had the amazing opportunity to join Tonja in exploring Ireland where she experienced herbs thriving in their natural habitats and connected with the Spirit of the herbs in a way she never knew was possible. She learned from Tonja it is not about using 100 herbs, one way, but learning how to use one herb, 100 ways.

It is her mission to empower those who seek a healthier lifestyle to find their support within the herbs, tinctures, salves, oils and teas and beyond. To encourage others to connect with the plants and herbs on many levels spiritual, metaphysical and scientific. After all, Nature is our best teacher.