CBD Eye & Face Serum
CBD Eye & Face Serum

CBD Eye & Face Serum

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Spirit of the Herbs HIGH CBD Eye and Face Serum was created to help reduce dark circles around the eyes, build collagen, moisturize, tighten and reduce wrinkles. This combination of unique oils and essential oils specifically promotes cell-regeneration and nourishes your face and skin.

.33 oz Serum Roller 200 MG - $25.00

Ingredients: Full spectrum HIGH CBD hemp-infused oil blend (olive oil, coconut oil, hemp flowers, chamomile, comfrey, calendula, lavender), jojoba oil, castor oil, evening primrose oil, rosehip seed oil, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, rose EO*, lavender EO*, helichrysum EO*, frankincense EO* & hemp extract.
*EO = Essential Oil

Shake Well Before Use
Apply Daily as needed

Handcrafted with LOVE by herbalists <3

ALL Spirit of the Herbs products are made with high-quality, organic ingredients. Our CBD products are made with Certified Organic Full Spectrum Hemp - These products are for healing and nourishing and WILL NOT get you high.

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