Comfrey Leaf

Comfrey Leaf

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Comfrey Leaf

Botanical Name: Symphytum officinale
Family Name: Boraginaceae


For hundreds of years, comfrey leaf has been utilized in folk medicine throughout Europe and North America and has been widely cultivated. Symphytum loves to grow in damp, grassy soils about 2-3 feet high. It is distinguished by a scorpioid of bell-shaped whitish, pink, or purple flower spikes, and large, angular, hairy leaves.

Comfrey, also known as knit bone, has been used for the topical treatment of painful bone, muscle, and joint complaints throughout history. It is clinically proven to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and soothe swelling of muscles and joints, arthritis, sprains, contusions, and strains after sports injuries and accidents. Comfrey leaves are of much value as an external remedy, both in the form of fomentations or poultices, being useful in any kind of inflammatory swelling. Herbalist John Gerard affirmed: 'A salve concocted from the fresh herb will certainly tend to promote the healing of bruised and broken parts.' While internal use is no longer recommended, the leaves can be taken in the form of a tea infusion, 1 oz of the leaves to 1 pint of boiling water. This infusion is full of mucilaginous medicine that helps to relieve intestinal troubles, gas, and diarrhea.

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