Calendula Flowers

Calendula Flowers

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Calendula Flowers

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis
Family Name: Asteraceae


Calendula’s history is as rich as its golden color, and the flower can be used in an abundance of ways. It is typically annual, although perennial in warmer regions, with erect, branched, leaf stems from 8 to 20 in. Leaves are somewhat hairy and 3 to 6 inches long. The sunburst flower heads range from light yellow to Vivid orange in color and can be 1-3 inches in diameter. Most likely native to Southern Europe and North Africa, Calendula has been widespread and cultivated for centuries, its exact origins lost in time.

Calendula is used to soothe the irritation and pain of skin afflictions while promoting skin repair through its vulnerary actions. This makes Calendula a wonderful herb to use to help curb bleeding and address infection when faced with wounds, abrasions, and rashes. Calendula is well known as a lymphatic herb that helps to prevent infection and hasten recovery from issues such as the flu, lymphatic congestion, infections, and swollen lymph glands. It can be used during fevers to assist the body by bringing on sweat and can be used by everyone in the family, including children. A simple cup of Calendula tea or infusion can be an extremely useful ally during illness, such as colds and flu, to help ease lymphatic congestion! It is used topically as a wash, or you can soak a cloth in the tea to make a compress for cleaning and soothing skin wounds, rashes, burns, bug bites, and bruises. Add a strong brew of Calendula blossoms to the bathtub to help ease the itch of rashes, and insect bites and to soothe hot, tight sunburned skin.

All of our loose herbs are Certified Organic. Please stop by the shop and enjoy our Apothecary in person if you live in, or are visiting Colorado!

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