CBN + CBD Oil "Night-Night" Tincture Drops

CBN + CBD Oil "Night-Night" Tincture Drops
CBN + CBD Oil "Night-Night" Tincture Drops
CBN + CBD Oil "Night-Night" Tincture Drops
CBN + CBD Oil "Night-Night" Tincture Drops
CBN + CBD Oil "Night-Night" Tincture Drops

CBN + CBD Oil "Night-Night" Tincture Drops

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Our Full Spectrum CBN + CBD oil "Night-Night" tincture drops are made using CBN extract and CBD distillate which are extracted from hemp plants (Cannabis sativa L.) grown organically here in Colorado. CBN, which stands for Cannabinol, is well known for its ability to help you get to sleep, stay asleep and feel well-rested when you awaken. It is a major anti-inflammatory and helps to soothe pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, headaches, and migraines. Use this oil tincture to support digestive issues and stimulate the appetite.

When all cannabinoids and other elements of the Hemp plant are present, it is called Full Spectrum. Full-spectrum products include THC. Our Hemp is grown with less than .3% THC, the legal limit.  This small amount of THC, alongside many other important cannabinoids (CBN, CBG, CBC etc.), are needed to create the “Entourage Effect.” You receive optimal nourishment when ALL cannabinoids work synergistically together. It is also important to note that these tinctures will not make you or your pets feel “high.”

1.1oz Tincture Drops 1200 MG - $95
800 MG CBN + 400 MG CBD
*with 30mL dropper top

2.1oz Tincture Drops 2400 MG - $160
1600 MG CBN + 800 MG CBD
*with 30mL dropper top

*Sample Sizes available on our sample page!

Ingredients: Organic fractionated MCT coconut oil, CBN extract & CBD distillate derived from Colorado grown hemp (Full Spectrum CBD extract).

We love helping our customers understand how this plant helps to support the body and are here to answer your questions about everything CBD. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with questions at .

Handcrafted with LOVE by herbalists <3

We make our tincture drops *in-house* with CBN extract, full spectrum CBD distillate and the highest quality MCT oil we can find. ALL Spirit of the Herbs products are made with high quality, organic ingredients. All products are made with Certified Organic Full Spectrum Hemp - These products WILL NOT get you high.

- This tincture is safe and supportive to humans and pets!

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