Star Anise, Whole Pods

Star Anise, Whole Pods

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Star Anise Pods

Botanical Name: Illicium verum
Family Name: Schisandraceae

Digestive Aid
Appetite Stimulant

Star anise, the dry fruits of an aromatic evergreen shrub, are indigenous to the southeastern part of China and Vietnam. The history of anise herbs can be traced back at least 2,000 years. At maturity, the flower produces a woody fruit typically composed of 8 points and shaped like a star. Each point splits open along one seam to release a single seed packed with volatile oils. Star anise smells and tastes like licorice and could be described as having an invigorating scent.

Chinese herbalists historically used star anise as a digestive aid, appetite stimulant, carminative, and expectorant. It is a major ingredient in Chinese and Vietnamese cuisines as part of "five-spice powder” which is used to flavor curries, tea, pickles, coffee, candy, cough medicines, liqueurs, soft drinks, and bakery products. Burn as incense during any ritual when you are going to be divining psychic abilities and seeking increased success in lucky endeavors. Make a dream pillow to aid in prophetic dreams and warding off nightmares. Add star anise to your tea blend to support digestion and enjoy the delicious flavor

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